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"Early 1950 the harbour was used greatly for swimming by locals and visitors - of course it was much cleaner then. Saturday and Sundays most popular days - there could have been as many as 40 or 50 swimmers in at any one time. Sunday was a big day in the village, as many as six 52-seater buses came from Ballymena and the Braid area to spend the day. Dulse and ice cream were very popular. The youth hostel was on the Waterfall Road and was very popular with cyclists from Belfast. As most cyclists worked five days, they left Belfast early Saturday morning and arrived in Carnlough early evening - a ride of 50 miles.

In the mid '60s there was a bread strike and the two boats that traded between Scotland and the village brought the locals bread. They were called the "Hands" and the "Capella." They brought limestone from the quarry in Carnlough to Scotland for the steelworks in England. Dutch boats with Dutch crew."

Patricia and John McCormick